📌About HeatPressDIY

  • What is HeatPressDIY?

HeatPressDIY is specialized in producing heat press machines. We aim of making creativity light up your life and inspiring you to live your best life!

🚀Shipping and Warranties

  • How much is shipping?

Shipping is free on all HeatPressDIY orders other than orders from HI and AK. Please refer to the price on the checkout page for shipping Fee.

  • How long does it take an order to be fulfilled?

On average, orders are fulfilled within 72 hours of payment confirmation.

  • Where can I track my order?

Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a tracking code within 72 hours. However, due to unprecedented shipping demand caused by the pandemic, it may take longer. Please copy and paste this number into the assigned carrier's website (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc.)

  • How can I receive an update on my order?

On average, you will receive a confirmation email within 72 hours of your  placed order, followed by the tracking number. However, you can always reach our customer support via email: support@heatpressdiy.com

  • What countries do you ship to?

We now ship to the United States, Canada.

  • What states do you ship to?

We ship to all U.S. states. All lower 48 states will receive free shipping;whereas, Hawaii and Alaska orders will have a shipping fee.

  • Do you offer a warranty on products?

We currently offer a 2-months warranty on all machines.


  • Can you touch the top of this machine, while it's on? Or is it too hot to touch?

You have a handle on top that you push down to apply pressure and lock it while it presses. You also have a handle on the front that you can hold onto. As far as the top plate it really gets hot underneath.

  • Can someone recommend me a good heat press?

We have lots of type of machine, 5 in 1, 8 in 1, clamshell and swing-away  etc. All of them are in high quality and the prices are reasonable. You can feel free to select as needed.

  • What's different between 5 in 1 and 8 in 1 heat press?

5 in 1 heat press has 1×flag press, 1×hat/cap pad, 1×5" plate press and 1×6" plate press, and only one size mug press (10 oz. or 11 oz.). But 8 in 1 heat press has four different sizes mug press (9 oz./11 oz./ 12 oz./17 oz.) on this basis. (For more details, please check special product listing)

  • Any items that need to be bought separately?

No, it’s easy to use and comes with everything you require other than materials for your project of choice. Of course, if you want to make patches you need to purchase adhesive backing and also Teflon paper.

  • Is this heat press UL listed?

Yes. All of our heat press is UL listed.

  • What cleaning products can be used to clean this heat press?

It depends on what part of the press you want to clean! If it’s the body, any surface cleaner would work! But if it’s the heat plate I suggest using a Teflon sheet between the top of your press and garment pallet! Depending on what is touching the upper plate! That’s the type of cleaner you require!

  • Does this have the rubber feet on the bottom?

The base has rubber non-slip feet, don’t worry about sliding.

  • The press machine won't heat up, why?

Do the following: 1. Check that you plugged it in; 2. Check that you turned on the switch; 3. Make sure you've set some settings so it knows it should begin operating; 4. Check that you haven't blown the electric breaker in your main electric box(i.e. 100-200 amp big gray service box in garage or basement); 5. If the outlet you are trying to use is on is a GFI (ground fault interceptor), go to the outlet that is acting as the GFI and see if it has tripped. Push the tripped button in and go try again. This can be tricky at times. Homes can be wired with a GFI on one level and most of the electric outlets that are on that line being on another level of the home. You may need to go through all of them in your home to see if any of them have tripped. You will know if an outlet is a GFI outlet if it has a reset button on it. They usually come with a small LED light near the reset button that allows you to simply look at it to tell its status. If in doubt, carry around a small appliance (i.e. hand-held hair dryer, radio, popcorn popper, .......) and plug it into the GFI. If it turns on, your GFI should be fine. If everything passes at this point, submit an inquiry to us.

  • Do both plates transfer heat?

Just top plate heat.

  • Has anyone found that they need to bolt this unit down? Anyone having Any lifting off the table in the back?

No need to. It’s heavy enough to support itself.

  • Does it have a timer?

Most of our machine have a timer, we write it clearly on the listings.

  • Could this be used on Faux Leather at a lower temp?

Our digital heat press can be used for Tee shirts, pillow, bags, mouse mat, etc. The heatpress can easily transfer colorful pictures and characters onto textiles, such as cotton, fabric, htv, vinyl heat press, hot press, etc.

  • Do you have to hook it up to your computer?

This heat press is independent, it does not hook up with computer.

  • How do I get the heat presser to set the temperature?

Press “SET” button, upper display frame shows “SP”; lower display frame shows temperature values, press ▲ or ▼ to increase or decrease temperature. Please read the instructions included for further details.

  • Why is the top wobbly and will not press down all the way on one corner?

You may need to tighten it using the knob at the top.

  • Is it possible to use this press without the timer? I have presses that will exceed the 999 second limit and want to avoid the alarm.

Yes, just don't set the timer and count yourself, you have to manually hit the timer to start it.

  • What is the Thickness in between the two heating boards?

The distance between the heating plate and the work surface can be adjusted.

  • Can you use your phone or do you need a computer?

You do not need to use a phone or a computer. This is a heat press machine and you will need sublimation paper.

  • Do you sell parts separately?

Sorry, no at present.

  • Is this made in the USA?

No, it's made in China.


  • Will this work with plastisol transfers?

Yes, sure.

  • If I’m doing a small logo in the front, and a larger logo in the back, do I need to flip the shirt after each press?

Yes, it needs to be turned over after each press.

  • The heat press machine requires any ink?

No, it needs electricity.

  • Can you use this heat press for sublimation?

The digital heat press can be used for Tee shirts, pillow, bags, mouse mat, etc. The heatpress can easily transfer colorful pictures and characters onto textiles, such as cotton, fabric, htv, vinyl heat press, hot press, etc

  • Can I press a sweat shirt?

It can be used if the clothes are heat-resistant.

  • Does this machine print on cell phone cases?

This is a flat bed Heat Press. You could adjust the press to not crush the cell phone case. The cell phone case MUST be able to withstand the temperature of the press. Most of the vinyl we use calls for around 320 degrees F for 20 seconds. You might be better off using one of the hand held heat presses.

  • Can this be used on thick hoodies to transfer a picture onto it?

Yes, you just have to adjust the pressure with the knob.

  • Can this be used with HTV and infusible ink?

Yes. Be sure to use butcher paper inside your shirt and on top of the print. To protect the shirt and your heat press.

  • Wondering if this press would work to put interfacing on the back inside a t-shirt that already has a design on the front?

Yes, as long as you put something inside the shirt to keep the heat off the front. Like butcher paper or cardboard.

  • Can this be used for rhinestone press?

Yes, this heat press also could be used for rhinestone press.

  • Can you use this with wood? Or putting an HTV design on a piece of wood?


  • Can this product do vinyl heat transfer?

 Yes, this heat press machine can do vinyl heat transfer.

  • Do you provide any instruction about heat press?

  Yes, please feel free to read instruction whenever you need. (Every heat press machine comes complete with machine and instruction manual.