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about us

Who Are We?

Maybe you can only access the cold web pages, but you can't feel that this is a group of young and energetic lives on the other end of the web. Yes, we are a group of restless people who want to find peace in creation. Just like a pianist playing his music, the rhythm is brisk, and in his heart there may be the rolling mountains, or the endless sea. 

How Did We Start?

We work in different areas: trade, social media, product manager, etc. A gathering made us feel that we must make some changes. At the beginning of 2021, we started a lot of research and planning. We are all love DIY, and one of us has rich experience to press and is familiar with the machine. Since we are in China, and it is not a wise idea by selling customized clothes due to the long shipping time. But why not help other people realize their DIY dreams and even make a living from it. We can sell machines!!! So we started looking for the most high-quality and economical source of heat press machines. We also hope to start to make this series more perfect and complete which fits different purposes and needs.


Past? Now? Future?

To be honest, we don't know what we will become in the future, but we just want to make the webpage more professional and richer in content. Since we launched online sales in October 2021, we have achieved a little of success. Proud of us, but we remain humble. Hope we can do better in 2022.