4 Tips for Making a Heat Press Machine Under Your Control

4 Tips for Making a Heat Press Machine Under Your Control

One of the most popular types of printing –- heat press printing, will give you numerous opportunities to create and display your idea of DIY. There are lots of lifestyle in the world, but more and more people tend to chase their unique style rather than just to follow the trend of the times. With a heat press machine, you are able to show your special style in life. In the following parts of this article, we are going to share some nifty tips to you, which would make a heat press machine under your control.

1. Selecting Highest Quality Heat Press Machine Within Your Budget

As the old saying goes, to do good work must first sharpen his tool. A high-quality heat press machine plays a crucial role in the whole procedure of heat press, which can ensure that your beginning of press goes as smoothly as possible. Besides, it also will bring about quality long-lasting results on your items. For newbie, it would be more secure and easier to operate in most cases. For pro, it would display the real color and texture of their exquisite DIY craftmanship.

2. Following Instruction to Set Proper Temperature and Accurate Time

For first operation, newbie should follow instruction of heat press machine so that it would work at full capacity and you could do everything right in the whole DIY process. Even if you have years of experience in handling heat press, instruction is as important as before. Each heat press machine is different. Making sure to use the instructions that are designed for that special heat press. Following particular instruction, set your press and allow it to heat up before printing. At the same time, pay attention to accurate time as well than go ahead as planned.

3. Pre-Pressing Apparel Before You Start DIY Procedure

In order to make your graphic on the apparel more sophisticated and durable, you need to practice pre-pressing your apparel in the first place. You could be concerned about that it’s too troublesome to pre-pressing your garment. However, Pre-pressing apparel is simply closing down your heat press on a blank shirt before you add your transfer, which will remove extra moisture that is trapped in fabrics. Moisture will lead to a transfer to crack after only a few washes if you don’t release it on time. Therefore, don’t forget to pre-press your apparel before starting DIY process.

4. Keeping Clean the Platen of Your Heat Press Machine

Keeping clean is an important point when it comes to making your heat press machine lives a longer life. Generally speaking, the easiest way is probably to clean the surface of the upper and lower platens regularly. It’s a big deal and vital to take extra measures to protect the coating from corrosion when cleaning if the heat press machine was made from Teflon coated. On the one hand, for minor stains or routine cleaning, the non-abrasive cloth will do the trick. On the other hand, for stubborn stains, you may need to use mineral spirits to clean them up when the press lays off. Mineral spirits are a flammable substance, so pay attention to do this after the press has completely cool.

It seems inevitable that we will mess up during the heat printing procedure at times. Nevertheless, by following those simple tips in this article, you can avoid, or reduce, the number of errors and messed-up apparel you have during the heat printing process: we do hope that those tips would help you on the right way of a DIY journal.