3 Advantages of Using Non-Skip Handle Heat Press Machine

3 Advantages of Using Non-Skip Handle Heat Press Machine

With the continuous iterative update of modern heat press, more and more convenience attributes are attached to the heat press. For example, many heat press machines have added additional functions such as timing and constant temperature, automatic opening and closing, complete buzzer sound, etc., although with the increase of functions, the cost of the heat press machine may increase, resulting in an increase in the price. But because it has a significant update compared to traditional screen-printing, most craft enthusiasts or small t-shirt businesses are still willing to pay for a more convenient heat press. In addition to the convenience attributes mentioned above, the upgraded heat press machine of HeatPressDIY also adds a non-slip handle. Maybe in your opinion this is a small change, but this small upgrade has brought more advantages to the DIY process.


The rubber non-skip handle has an ergonomic grip, on the one hand it helps to improve the wear resistance of the heat press handle and prolong the service life of the machine. On the other hand, it helps to increase the impact resistance, and to a certain extent avoids finger numbness and pain caused by long-term operation. This advantage will be more obvious in the operation of small t-shirt businesses who need mass production.


The non-slip handle can effectively increase the friction in use and avoid accidents caused by slippery hands. In rare cases, the machine may have an accident of heat conduction error. At this time, the non-slip handle can reduce the direct contact between the person and the machine, which will minimize the risk of burns. In short, it greatly improves the safety of the press machine and is beneficial to make it under your complete control in any case.


The characteristic of being ornamental is also the key to making the heat press stand out. Under the condition that the comfort and safety are improved, the press machine with non-skip handle is also more beautiful. First of all, it can well protect the heat transfer machine handle, greatly reduce the wear and tear after repeated use, and maintain the integrity of the machine itself. Secondly, the design is more distinctive than other traditional press, showing different characteristics.

Both beginners and experienced craftsmen take it for granted that the size and function of the machine are the key elements that must be paid attention to before buying a heat press. So after reading the advantages introduction above, will you include the press with non-skip handle into the several important elements that you need to consider when you buy it? The slightly increased price brings a more comfortable experience, and you must have the answer in your mind.